Smart Energy Switch

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The Aeon Labs Inline Smart Energy Switch is a Z-Wave light switch specifically used to enable Z- Wave command and control (on/off) that is connected to a standard Schuko Wall Outlet. It can also report immediate wattage consumption or kWh energy usage over a period of time.

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The wireless module is powered from the mains supply and is a three-wire design which requires a neutral connection. In the event of power failure, non-volatile memory retains all programmed information relating to the units operating status.

Technical Features:

  • Low-cost Z-Wave energy meter and on/off switch
  • On/Off control via Z-Wave and/or built-in button
  • Input: 110V 60Hz to 230V 50Hz input
  • Output: 3500 W maximum output
  • Radio frequency: 868.42MHz (EU),Transmitting Power: 0 dBm, Range: 15 meters
  • Control Function: Relais
  • Status Indicator: LED
  • Operating Temperature: 0-70 Celcius, Max Operating Humidity: 95%