Fibaro Double Relay Switch 2x1,5kW

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With this product, an existing wall switch can be turned into a Z-Wave enabled while keeping the original switches in place. This is particularly important if these switches belong to a special switching series where no Z-Wave enabled replacement is available.

Double Relay Switch 2x1,5kW

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The pattress box need to be deep enough to accommodate the insert and the traditional switch. The insert is 15 mm high so a minimum depth of about 50 mm is required to install the product.

Technical Data:

  • Power Source 110 V … 230 V, 50..60 Hz
  • Max. AC output: 16 A/ 230 V
  • Max. DC output: 16 A/ 30 V
  • Max. Power load 2x1,5 KW as resistive load ( in case of loads other than resistive it may be necessary to connect lower output in order to protect the Switch from damage)
  • Conforms to UE requlations: EN55022 (radio wave interference), EN61000-6 (safety of use),
  • Overheating protection: safety off at 105oC,
  • Ambient temperature: 10oC - 40oC
  • To be mounted in standard wall switch boxes fi ≥50mm,
  • Radio protocol: Z-Wave, ∙ Radio Frequency 868 MHz,
  • Antenna range: up to ca. 50 meters outdoor, or up to 30 meters inside (depends on building structure),
  • Outside dimensions (L x W x H) 42mm x 36mm x 15mm.